The concept

Visit Belgium with a private guide

Belgium Private Tour can take you to the most typical places in Belgium following your wishes and preferences.

You will decide on the places to visit and select your themes of interest. Cities such as Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Ypres, the coast (Nieuport, Furnes), as well as specific restaurants can be part of your programme.

You will stay in a comfortable and authentic apartment that can accommodate 3 to 4 persons, located in lively area in Brussels.

Cultural visits, museums, cities, shopping, nature, all combinations are possible. You will be accompanied by a multilingual guide (french, dutch, english) who will guide you and advise on the best options for your stay. You will travel by car (upper class vehicle), except in the city centre of Brussels where you will take public transport with your guide.

In the evening, you will enjoy some free time in your appartment equiped with all facilities (digital tv, library, lounge, kitchen, in an area located 15 minutes from downtown with many restaurants and brasseries, facing one of the most beautiful parks in Brussels).

The trip

This is a typical trip that you could compose:


Recommended minimum duration: 1 to 2 days


Belgium's and Europe's capital, Brussels offers multiple facets: middle-aged area, Grand-Place, Mannekenpis, Magritte museum, strip cartoons, Art Nouveau (architecture), European area, chocolates, popular pubs, beers, restaurants, all so typical. Your guide will make all required reservations for you.


Recommended minimum duration: 1 day


UNESCO World heritage, Venice of the North, living middle-aged museum, reknown worldwide. Do not miss its channels, the small streets, the shops.


Recommended minimum duration: 1 day


Historic and cultural centre, living city with students, channels and museums make it a must place.


Recommended minimum duration: 1 day


Ypres belonged together with Bruges and Ghent, to the most powerful cities in the Middle Ages. However Ypres was completely destroyed during World War I and rebuilt stone by stone. Examples are the famous Cloth Hall and belfry from the 13th century.

Ypres is also a silent witness of World War I as it was at the frontline. This allows you to visit the Flanders Fields museum, the trenches, the military cemeteries in the area and especially the Menen gate where every night the "nuisance" is played in honor of the fallen soldiers.

Belgian Coast

Recommended minimum duration: 1 day


A brisk walk on the beach and the dunes, a tour of the harbor and the fish market, a visit to Nieuwpoort and Furnes, two towns built in a typical Flemish style, will make a quiet respite in your busy life.